Common Bluebottle


  • Common Name : Common Bluebottle
  • Scientific Name : Graphium sarpedon (Fruh.)
  • Wingspan : 55-75mm
  • Colour : The common bluebottle has black upper wings and brown lower wings. Both fore and hind wings are marked by a central spot in the form of a blue or blue-green triangle, with apex pointing toward the body.
  • Habit : The common bluebottle is known for quick flight and rapid reactions. It is difficult to catch. The males are known for their habit of feeding by the edges of puddles, often at the roadside. Occasionally, as many as eight may be seen at the same puddle. They have also been known to be attracted to animal droppings, carcasses and rotting insects.
  • Larval Host Plants : Cinnamomum zeylanica, Litsea sebifera, Litsea chinensis, Polyalthia longifolia, Miliusa tomentosa, Persea macrantha, Michelia doltospa.
  • Location : North Bengal