Common Spotted Flat


  • Common Name : Common Spotted Flat
  • Scientific Name : Celaenorrhinus leucocera (Kollar)
  • Family : HESPERIIDAE
  • Wingspan : 45-55mm
  • Colour : Dark brown with a series of large, semi-transparent white spots across the fore wing, which are joine to each other.
  • Habit : It keeps very close to ground. Usually settles on the underside of leaves, flies close to the ground. When active, it alternates between sun and shade; it flies fast and low; It visits flowers and its long proboscis permits it to feed from flowers having long tubular corollas.
  • Larval Host Plants : Asystasia gangetica, Ecbolium linguistrinum, Eranthemum roseum, Carvia callosa, Thelepaepale ixiocephala
  • Location : Throughout West Bengal