Common Yellow-breasted Flat


  • Common Name : Common Yellow-breasted Flat
  • Scientific Name : Gerosis bhagava (Moore)
  • Family : HESPERIIDAE
  • Wingspan : 35-45mm
  • Colour : Male UP dark olive brown, UPF triangular patch made up of these discal semi-transparent white spots, of which tow are large, beneath these are small black spots bordering a brownish-white streaks; pale apical spots are conjoined. UPH with a broad transverse band, pale yellow in male and white in female. Abdomen has a white band.
  • Habit : Prefers dense forested areas. Rests on the upper side of a leaf. Comes to water. Known to fly from Terai upto 570 m in the Himalayan foothills.
  • Larval Host Plants : Dalbergia lanceolaria
  • Location : Throughout West Bengal