Fivebar Swordtail


  • Common Name : Fivebar Swordtail
  • Scientific Name : Graphium antiphates (Fabricius)
  • Wingspan : 80-95mm
  • Colour : The fore wings are white, six black stripes on wing. The margin is black. Nearby the body and around the largest black strip there is a greenish area. The underside is very colourful. Nearby the body the wing is green with black stripes and spots. The rest of wing is yellowish and contain a chain of orange spots an some little black spots. At the margin there are some black spots.
  • Habit : A butterfly of evergreen jungles. Quick, graceful flight. Fond of visiting damp patches and flowers.
  • Larval Host Plants : Michelia doltospa, Michelia champaka, Annoa sp., Uvaria Sp.
  • Location : Throughout West Bengal