Indian Awl King


  • Common Name : Indian Awl King
  • Scientific Name : Choaspes benjaminii ()
  • Family : HESPERIIDAE
  • Wingspan : 50-60mm
  • Colour : Male UP shining indigo blue, unmarked, with a basal overlay of bluish purple hairs. UP of female shining green, overlaid with bluish grey hairs. In both sexes, UPH has a black border to the tornal area and a bright orange fringe extending up to torment.
  • Habit : Hill dweller, not found below 1000 m, seen upto 2400 m. Attracted to flowers, bird droppings and damp patches. Remains in shade during daytime.
  • Larval Host Plants : Meliosma pungens, Sabia campanulata.
  • Location : Throughout West Bengal