Painted Lady


  • Common Name : Painted Lady
  • Scientific Name : Cynthia cardui (Linnaeus)
  • Family : NYMPHALIDAE
  • Wingspan : 55-70mm
  • Colour : Upperside of wings is pinkish-red marked with black spots. The underside is disruptively marked with grey, black, white and a few red spots and lines.
  • Habit : One of the most widely distributed butterflies of the world. It flies swiftly and flies close to the ground in the open areas; very difficult to recognise as it is very well camouflaged with the background; when rests, sits with its wings closed or partly closed. Photographed at Digha.
  • Larval Host Plants : Zornia gibbosa, Debregeasia bicolor, Tricholepis sp., Artemisia sp., Blumea sp. etc.
  • Location : Throughout West Bengal