Spot Swordtail


  • Common Name : Spot Swordtail
  • Scientific Name : Graphium nomius (Esper)
  • Wingspan : 75-90mm
  • Colour : Easily identifiable due to its long, sword like straight tails on its hind wings; the species is white with a broad, white-spotted brown (underside) or black (upperside) outer wing margin of both its wings and additional bands on the wing.
  • Habit : It is common in dry summer months and in deciduous forests. Settles on wet sand in the forest streams to mud-puddle. Flight is swift and straight; It visits flowers of shrubs and large trees.
  • Larval Host Plants : Polyalthia longifolia, Miliusa tomentosum, Miliusa velutina
  • Location : Throughout West Bengal