Striped Blue Crow


  • Common Name : Striped Blue Crow
  • Scientific Name : Euploea mulciber (Cr.)
  • Family : NYMPHALIDAE
  • Wingspan : 90-100mm
  • Colour : Glossy black, upper forewings with blue gloss and with discal, marginal and sub-marginal spots.
  • Habit : Commonest of Danaids. Flies about 1-6 m above the ground. Found in almost all types of terrains, prefers forested areas. Attracted to flowers like Ageratum conyzoides, Lantana camara, ‘Katus’ etc. They are also attracted to dung, urine, salt sources, wet rocks and damp patches.
  • Larval Host Plants : Ichnocarpus spp., Narium oliender, Ficus spp.
  • Location : North Bengal